teapot.gr- extra-ordinary people

teapot.gr- extra-ordinary people

1.your ordinary side: Workaholic but pregnant!

2.your extra-ordinary side: I detest the fish in our aquarium, sorry Dimitris!


3.what do you brew in the pot? Long Sunday walks with our dog,under the sun.

4.had you the choice before birth would you choose to be a man or a woman? Woman,otherwise I wouldn’t be able to give birth to my little baby.

5.your most precious possession: My dogie!


6.a luxury that you owe to yourself and never abandon: Every morning I enjoy a huge bowl filled with cereals and milk.

7.a habit that can be translated into an obsession: Eating on cushions,always on the floor.

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8.the worst of all your insecurities? The prospect of changing occupation.

9.what can drive you to crime? A parked car blocking my way when I’m in a rush.

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10.your biggest fear? Losing my loved ones.

11.how an aqua yoga trainer look like? Always patient,concentrated,calm and passionate at the same time, with a wet swimsuit in her bag.

12.the ideal husband must swim in what kind of waters? Clear…with bubbles!

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13.With which sense do you compare buoyancy with? With the complete freedom.

14.When do you hold your breath out of the water? When my husband Dimitris pisses me off!

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15.a question that you always wanted to answer? Excuse me miss,is this Range Rover parked downstairs,yours?

(Ιoanna Vaporidi,Msc in physical education teaching,specialized in aqua yoga during pregnancy and labor.You can find her at AquaBirth.gr /the photo shooting took place at Athinna Swimming center)

(photos and interview by Gertrude for teapot.gr,special thanks to Ralph Miliband for her valuable help)
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